Fresno Yosemite International Airport

Fresno Yosemite International Airport might be the singlemost integral piece of transporation infrastructure in California's Central Valley. Commercial air travel, military operations, freight transmission and crucial public services all call FYIA home.

Our Valley. Our Airport.

Renowned for its big-city service and small-town convenience, frequent flyers know Fresno Yosemite International Airport makes traveling by air simple and enjoyable.

FYIA engaged Ppl to hone their organization's message, voice and visual communications — to more aptly reflect their stellar reputation amongst travelers.

Over time, as we collaborated more closely we became intimately familiar with the Airport and its operations. Our engagement grew from strategic brand positioning planning, to tactical execution of outreach projects in print collateral and the Airport's custom trade show booth.


We developed a new visual communication language that we helped roll out to every aspect of the Airport's brand presence, onsite and off.

City within a City

Everyday, thousands of travelers and workers file into the Airport and its adjacent properties. The airport itself is a vibrant community, complete with a culture of service that cascades into every facet of the airport experience. In 2016, we began capturing these stories through a campaign of short-form documentaries.

The Best Part

We worked closely with FYIA's marketing & communications officers to quickly reinvigorate the Airport's relationship with the community. Adding dimension to the community's perception of the Airport and its relevance to our Central Valley.

The Airport continues year-after-year to break all-time passenger records, and social channel engagement has grown exponentially and introduced legions of new folks to the human side of the Airport and the staff that brings its innovative operations and programs to life.